Friday, March 18, 2011

buds and blooms

Somehow there is always something happening in the garden  even if I am not there to tend it. Spring is here. Buds are bursting and fresh green growth is peeking out. The rhubarb is growing vigorously, and the daphne and star magnolia are both in full bloom spreading their heavenly scent along the way. I now have a beautiful cold frame, almost a small greenhouse, in the kitchen garden and a wonderful new walkway leading to the front door (more about those two projects later). I am delighted that warmer weather has arrived!


roisin said...

ah - the magnolia! always my favorite; our neighbourhood in Ontario is full of them. I am in Calgary until the very end of April, and will hate missing them in their full glory in a few weeks..

Tracey said...

Oh-oh-oh! LOVE the cold frame!

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