Friday, September 11, 2009

garden tidbits

Frayed beauty. Wonder where you have been?

Late summer roses, somewhat ragged too.

Fall crocuses nestled in weeds.

French beans in the garden.

Lamb's ears, oh so soft.

Thriving nasturtiums.

Spider lilies in full bloom, everywhere. Now they brighten my home.


Evelyne said...

This afternoon I took some photos aux "Serres d'Auteuil", Crocus and seeds. I have some tomatoes on my balcony.

Pamela Holderman said...

love both of your blogs. will buy some sachets from you for christmas presents later. keep up documenting all the beauty!

Charlotta Ward said...

How could I miss your garden blog?!! It's lovely!
I am a hopeless gardener myself - I wish I wasn't.. perhaps if I read this blog a bit more.. :)

The Spider Lilies are amazing - that red!


Rachel Follett said...

Nice photography. Beautiful butterfly!

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