Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a garden's path

The paths in the kitchen garden has always been my lovely husbands domain. He laid the first path many years ago with small rocks in an intricate mosaic pattern, shown in the top picture. He would come home from work, and wind down by creating this puzzle from the stones we had dug out of the dirt. It looked really cool, but weeds quickly rooted in the tiny cracks and it became impossible to maintain.

My husband still recharges his batteries by hauling dirt, piling up bricks, and building things with his hands. Nowadays things are done more sturdily, and somewhat professionally. The ground is leveled, and the paths are covered with newsprint and stone dust before being covered. This summer, as a generous birthday gift for me, the paths are being transformed again. This time by using a combination of bricks, old and new, soapstone slabs, left over from various projects, and river stones.

In the lower part of the kitchen garden there will be a circle of soapstone, surrounded by gravel. Maybe it will have room for a chair and a small table to create the perfect spot for morning coffee and/or evening drinks... What I love most about my husband's work is the casual and spontaneous look while everything still is sturdy and well made. I am grateful!

I am also grateful for my friends Amoret and Lynn, who came and cleaned out the kitchen garden while I was on vacation. Encouraged by a few glasses of chilled rosé that my husband provided, they pulled weeds, hauled away old pea vines, and rescued a variety of useful plants waiting to be engulfed by the surrounding wilderness. Thank you my friends!

We have many Rose of Sharon (hibiscus syriacus) bushes in our yard. I love them despite their tendency to become weedy in our climate. This pure white one is my favorite.

While we were gone a volunteer butternut squash established itself by the compost pile. It looks like it will bear fruit, which is exciting. Lastly, the naked ladies (lycoris squamigera), my favorite summer bulbs, are up in full force. It is great to be back!

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Tracey said...

what lovely progress . . . your Scandanavian vacation photos and your garden posts are such a beautiful break in my day . . .

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