Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wild. This is the best way to describe the garden's current state. So much of it is patiently waiting for my attention. The perimeters are slowly being engulfed by bittersweet, wild grapevines, trumpet wines, and an endless list of other invasive weeds. Small oak trees, and hack berries are sprouting in once carefully tended perennial beds. So this is a starting point of sorts. These photos were taken the other day, early in the morning after a long spring rain. To my defense, the lawn mower had been in the repair shop for almost three weeks, and therefor everything looks extra shaggy...

a rugosa rose in the stump bed, first photo shows red roses, original to the garden, along the front fence

Trevor, the fountain, by the base of the oak tree

the adirondack chairs in the far northeastern corner

redbud 'forest pansy' in the stump bed

oak leaf hydrangeas and azaleas by the back patio

the path to the arch and the vegetable garden

clematis unfurling on the arch


flowerpress said...

What a beautiful home and garden!
I am jealous, but not of the weeding :-)

cindy : quaint said...

your home and garden look so enchanting. i see where you get your inspiration from. looking forward to more. have a nice weekend.

Julia said...

What an incredible space, lotta! I'm so delighted we could take a peak into such a welcoming, lush garden!

Evelyne said...

I love this picture.

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